What To Wear For Your Body Type

How Many Body Types Are There?

There are five different basic body types,  and though most women are variances of these five, chances are you will fit pretty closely with one of them. The basic five types are apple, pear, straight, hourglass, and inverted triangle. Once you identify which body type you most relate to, you can find the most flattering styles for you! This should all be prefaced with the fact that There is no ideal body type. No matter what shape you are, every body is beautiful and unique. Learning to dress for the body types is a way to emphasize and flatter any frame.


An apple shape is defined by slim arms and legs, straight hips, and weight is carried in the midsection. Fuller breasts are also a common indicator. This is one of the more challenging body types to dress, but once you get the hang of identifying trouble spots, it’s easy to focus on and highlight your favorite features.

What to look for

  • Tunic tops- tops that flow out with a small print will camouflage the middle.
  • Long tops- make sure that your top doesn’t stop just below the waist, as this may emphasize a muffin top.
  • Layers- light layers, such as a long cardigan over a v- neck top will elongate the midsection.
  • A low cut top- long, low cut tops will emphasize your curves, if you love to show them off.
  • Wide leg pants- balance out the lower half with a wide leg pant.
  • High waistline- a higher waistline will hide the middle and balance out the frame.

Shoes to look for

  • Wedges- chunky shoe styles help balance out smaller calves.


  • Ankle boots- Unless you’re petite, an ankle boot will also help to balance small calves.

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What to avoid

  • Short tops- a short top will accentuate the waist
  • Large prints- large prints make everything look bigger and can be unflattering for an apple shape.
  • Horizontal color blocks- don’t break up the body. The goal is to slim the middle and elongate.


People with a pear body type typically have narrow shoulders with a smaller bust, wider hips, and full thighs and butt. Finding clothes for this body type can be particularly challenging. You will want to look for things that balance the body’s upper half while highlighting the shapely lower half in a flattering way.

What to look for

  • Shoulder details- Tops with shoulder detailing, such as ruffles, add width.
  • Wide necklines- Tops with boat, large cowl, and wide scoops help accentuate the shoulders.
  • A-line dresses - Dresses that fit and flare help define the waist while avoiding hugging the bottom half too much.
  • High-waist pants- High-waist pants define the waist while hugging curves in the right places. 
  • Darker colors on the bottom- if you’re looking to camouflage a wider bottom, darker colors are an easy way to do it.
  • Large prints on top- larger prints on top will bring balance to the figure.

Shoes to look for

  • Peep toe- peep toes give an illusion of a smaller bottom half


  • Knee-high boots- you want the boots to cut off just below the knee.

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What to avoid

  • Halter tops- A halter will make the top half look more narrow.
  • Wide cut off tops and jackets- this hides the defined waist and will give a boxy appearance.
  • Pencil skirts- these skirts will cling to the hips, shorten the legs, and make the bottom half look larger.


The straight body type is also referred to as the athletic frame. The body is proportionate and it is typically easy to trim down or build muscle. Shoulder width is equal to the hips while the waist is only slightly smaller. Typically straight figures have a small to average bust. The goal is to keep the top and bottom halves balanced while defining the waist.

What to look for

  • Flowy tops- tops that are flowy around the bust will make it appear to be fuller.
  • Belts- a sheath dress can be completed with a waist-defining belt.
  • Pencil skirts- the tapered shape will add the illusion of defined curves.
  • Patterns and pockets- patterns and pockets on top will add shape.

Shoes to look for

Shoes of all styles can be flattering .

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What to avoid

  • Baggy styles- accentuate the straight frame and offers zero shape.
  • Vertical patterns- Vertical patterns reinforce a “straight” look, so if you’re trying no to emphasize it, then opt for horizontal instead.
  • Long layers- stick with short layers and crops if you want to emphasize the waist and give hips more shape.


People with an hourglass shape typically have average to broad shoulders, an average to full breast, smaller waist, and full hips. If you have this type and love to play up your curves and waistline, then there are lots of fun ways to do it!

What to look for

  • Lower necklines- v-necks and scoop necks make shoulders look more narrow while possibly accentuating the bust.
  • Tailored jackets- tailored jackets accentuate the smaller waist and shape.
  • Shorter tops- tops that sit at the waist help bring attention to the smaller waist and curves.
  • Pencil skirts- flatters hips and backside
  • Belts- belts that sit at the waist of fitted dresses and tops help define the waist.

Shoes to look for

  • Stilettos- an hourglass figure in stilettos is a classic look


  • Knee high boots- accentuates the shape and long legs.


What to avoid

  • Shapeless tops- if you want to show off your curves, then get tops that accentuate them
  • High necklines- these can make your bust look large and low-sitting while making shoulders look wider.
  • Baggy bottoms- these can make your whole bottom half look larger without showing any curves.

Inverted Triangle 

If your figure is more of a reverse triangle, you will have broad shoulders, a smaller waist, and slender hips and thighs. To balance this figure, you want to trim the top while adding a little volume to the bottom. These styles help add some killer curves!

What to look for

  • Open necklines- deep and open necklines bring in the shoulders and slim the upper half
  • A-line styles- An a-line skirt or dress will add some volume to the hips and bring in the waist.
  • Dark and neutral tops- Darker colors on top will trim the shoulders.
  • Bright colors and patterns on the bottom- This will emphasize and add volume to the lower half.
  • Pleated bottoms- a stylish and fun way to add size to the hips.

Shoes to look for

  • Bold colors


  • Stilettos


What to avoid

  • Prints on top- this may add an unwanted appearance of size
  • Shoulder pads- this will add volume to the shoulders
  • Baby doll styles- This can make everything down to the hips look one wider size and makes the waist disappear

Remember, there is no “perfect body”. Most everyone has parts they love and parts they love a little less. Reflect your personality in your look and you will shine from the inside out! Just get out there, flaunt what you got, and kill it!

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