Valentine’s Day

Fashion Inspiration 2022

Valentine’s Day. Not only is it one of the sweetest holidays of the year, it’s a marker that spring isn’t far away. This heart-filled day has slowly become one to celebrate with everyone close to you-friends, family, and lovers alike. That being said, the question still lingers: what do I wear?! Whether it’s a simple day to be festive, a night out with friends, or a romantic date, we got you covered! We’ll share some outfit inspirations and the killer soles to accompany them!


Everyone loves a good Galentine’s! You can show off your flirty style at brunch, do a fun meet-up for coffee, or you can go for a posh shopping day! With so many different activity options, the sky’s the limit for outfits, too! Here are a couple of our favorite looks:

Pair our lilac Maisie265 wedges with a tulle skirt and crop blouse for a fun and flirty look!




These hot pink Major Must heels will make your favorite pink accents pop!


                                                                       Major Must $13.88


That Special Valentine

Picking the perfect date night outfit for Valentine’s Day can seem like a daunting task. How nice is the restaurant? What does the whole date entail? How warm or cold will it be? Picking just the right thing depends on so many factors, but no matter if you’re going for sweet or dressy-romantic, hopefully these looks will inspire you!

These chic and oh so supple Estele boots will accentuate your favorite flirty and flowy dresses. This look can be perfect for day or night!


                                                                       Estele $39.88


If pinks are your favorite, don't sleep on these gorgeous Paparazzi fuchsia heels! They will add that Valentine's elegance to your favorite lbd!




Go full elegance with these Mania81 heels! They'll highlight your special look perfectly!


                                                                       Mania81 $13.88


Feeling Festive

Sometimes there is no big date or day out, but dressing for the occasion is still a fun way to celebrate the day! Fortunately, this spring is full of bold pinks, purples, and reds. Finding just the right look should be a breeze, so here are a couple of look inspirations!

With white boots so high up on the trend list this year, they're an obvious pick for your favorite sweet sweater! Try these Ashley101's!


                                                                         Ashley101 $37.88



Going for cozy casual? Opt for these fun Andrea269 flats! They'll add a candy bright pop to your comfy look!


                                                                        Andrea269 $9.88



Going out? Try a transitional look! These red Cally bots will take your look effortlessly from day to night!


                                                                       Cally Boot

Whether or not you have a special Valentine you will be spending the day with, you can always find a reason to dress for the holiday!

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