Hottest Trends for Spring and Summer 2019

6 Looks You Can’t Live Without

Fashion week is always an exciting time! What will the new styles be and when can we get our hands on them?! Well, spring is finally beginning to bloom and the most popular styles are hitting the stores and the streets. Here are our 6 top trend picks for spring that you just shouldn’t go through this season without!

  • 1. The Classic Black With  A Little Extra

  • Black is back and it's here to make a statement; no basics allowed! Say goodbye to simple black styles and say hello to a head-to-toe mix of fabrics, textures, and patterns! With these runway and street looks as inspiration, it's clear that we are going to have some fun with all black looks straight through summer. Pair these styles with black shoes that sport a little extra, too! Mesh, faux fur, and even feathers are all up for grabs and here at Wholesale Fashion Shoes, there are plenty of styles to choose from!

  • Styles featured: Adania8  Larina39


    1. Groovy Vibes

    The late 60’s and 70’s are back! Well, at least the fashion highlights are back. We’re talking fringe, crochet, and those billowy looks! These these laid back styles can easily be dressed up or down, and they are sure to make a strong impression from spring straight through summer. These styles find an ideal pairing with strappy sandals, gladiators, and ankle booties! With so many of these styles to choose from at Wholesale Fashion Shoes, you might just have to start a collection!



  • Styles featured: Zoey285 Amelia055 Tammy01 Faith45m Classy1

    1. Mixing Prints

    In this anything-goes trend, the sky is the limit! Can't decide on a print? Mix And match them all for a killer, unique look! Style tip: you can still get a cohesive style when mixing prints within the same color story. We can't wait to see all of the bold and beautiful combinations. For intricate, bold styles, solid colors or white shoes pair perfectly! They keep the patterns the center of attention while polishing off the bold look.



    Styles featured: Gabriella080  Chrissy5  Ruby105  Madison239

    4. Suit Up!
    Keep it chic while on-the-go in suits, blazers, and basics! While some people are opting for a minimalistic, monotone beige look, others are taking this opportunity to show off bright neons and pastel tones. Anything from a blazer paired with dress or denim, to a full casual style business suit will be seen! Take this opportunity to let your shoes shine! Basic stilettos are falling to the back burner while trendy embellishments, lucite, and animal prints are taking the spotlight . Luck for you, Wholesale Fashion Shoes is your one stop shop for all of this season's hottest soles!



    Styles featured: Bailey133  Miley176  Becca01 Isabelle146

    5. Don't Forget the Florals

    It wouldn't be spring without florals! This season, designers are going back to the classics with some more conservative styles while invoking some modern touches. Longer sleeves, higher necklines, and soft silhouettes are hitting the streets in full force. These gorgeous looks are modernized by using sheer fabrics, front/side slits, and mindful accessories. Whether you opt for a feminine classic, bohemian, or creating a look all your own, Wholesale Fashion Shoes has a sole-mate for you! Bold colors, such as yellow, are a great way to make your whole look pop, while a subtle white wedge can polish off a soft style. The options are endless!



    Styles Featured: Kinsley115  Locman  Camilla095  Kamila  Julian146

    6. Walk on the Wild Side
    Animal prints are in full force for the spring and summer seasons! While some are choosing a single, animal print piece for their look, others are going full animal head-to-toe! Nothing is off limits, so feel free to embrace your wild side! At Wholesale Fashion Shoes, you can find anything from basic black heels to bold, animal print styles! We can’t wait to see all of the different looks people come up with!



    Styles Featured: Bailey47x  Zoto1  Alisia5  Levana01  Morena

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