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As the seasons change from spring to summer, the warmer weather signals a time to reassess our closet essentials! For us, of course, shoes are at the top of that list as they can really make or break a killer outfit. While some make styling look easy as they effortlessly pair their chunky, colorful tennis with their floral sundress, others may crash and burn when you see them pair the wrong style of boot with their cut off shorts. Fortunately, the latter is hardly an issue at all this season. Eclectic and unique looks are at an all time high, and this means there is a style to fit any aesthetic!  While we’re seeing a time when almost anything goes in the world of fashion, we found 10 styles that any fashionista shouldn’t be without in the coming months!

#1. Accessorize Your Accessories!

Jewelry adorned shoes? Yes, please! Don’t miss the chance to step into some decorative soles this season! You’ll find a chain link strap, rhinestone wrap, or even a decorative buckle can be added to anything from a sandal to a smartly styled boot! With so many options to choice from, you will have no problem styling any look! Shop some of our favorite styles below!


Affair $12.88                              Dove1 $16.88


#2 The Re-imagined Flip Flip

While we aren’t against a basic flip flop here and there, this season is boasting a fashion upgrade to the classic summer sole! Ankle wraps, embellishments, and extra straps are hitting the scene, and everyone from Chanel to Fendi to Off-White is jumping on board. Flaunt your favorite style this summer! You’ll find some of our favorites here.

Alisono44 $12.88                     Madison093 


#3. The “Ugly” Sneakers Are Back!

This is truly the opportunity to let your eclectic style take center stage. Grab a pair of bold and colorful sneakers and pair them with, well, just about anything! The only limit is your own imagination. So whether you’re perfecting that street style or just hitting the gym, throw them on and don’t look back! We are loving the looks that showcase a chunky sneaker with a breezy floral dress!  Below you will find some of our pics this season!

Jada $14.88                                          Omni03 

        Cass $10.88 


#4. Tie It With A Bow

It just wouldn’t feel like summer without some flirty and whimsical styles! Bow details are a classic that won’t be going anywhere just yet, so fancify your look with this sweet look! Here are some styles we love

Kate286 $12.88                           Inez $12.88


#5. Hermes Sandals

It seems THE must have sandal of the season is the Hermes square cut sandal! These trendy slides are perfect for the beach, the pool, your summer vacation, a day of shopping, and just about anything else you can dream up! The hefty price tag might prevent many from flaunting these coveted soles, but don’t fret! We have some options that will make your Hermes-loving heart go pitter-pat!

Camo $10.88                               Christy06 


#6. The Clear Choice

Open or closed, the square toe is back with a bang! Anything from loafers, to mules, to heels, to flats can be found in the square toe category this season! Find your favorite style and strut! These are a few of ours.

Athena1209ax $9.88                   Exception01s 

Martha057 $12.88                 Eyeing02 $13.88

#7. Platforms

Do platforms ever really go out of style? These sky high soles are a style that belongs in every fashionista’s closet! Don’t be caught this season without at least one pair in yours! Here are some of our favorites.

Johnny05x $12.88                   Arctic14 $12.88

Charlene215 $12.88

#8. Straps, and Knots, and Cords, Oh My!

These must-haves can take your look from daytime to evening with ease! Knotted details and ankle wraps add an eye-catching touch to this summer style. Check out some of our picks!

Kindly3 $9.88                               Esther166 


#9. Chunky Slides

These aren’t your mother’s Birkenstocks! This season, designers are revolutionizing these tried and true classics. Extra buckles, straps, rhinestones, and bold colors will make these sandals pop! This look is truly where ultimate comfort meets fashion, and we are here for it! Take a look at some of our favorites below!

Anna070 $10.88                         Branson $9.88

      Regain02 $10.88

#10. Espadrilles

We know it just wouldn’t feel like summer without the espadrille soles! The runways were covered with wedges, flats, and slides alike. The style just screams beach vacation, and that is something we could all use right now. So throw your cares away and grab a pair of this breezy style. It’s definitely one we won’t be without!

Catherine193 $12.88                      Stecy01 $12.88

Amanda256 $10.88                             Broadwalk12 $10.88


These must-have styles are sure to inspire some killer looks this season, and we can't wait to see them! We are definitely excited to see what styles the coming seasons bring!

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