A Path For Happy Healthy Feet

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One beauty aspect we often neglect in our busy lives is keeping our feet happy. Running around for work, errands, or chasing after kids can be so tiring. We spend a lot of time on our feet, and how often do we spend time pampering them? Not often enough. Even though we are knee deep in the winter months, keeping your feet happy is still important. Happy and healthy feet can make a difference in the way you feel and present yourself. Pampering your feet always makes you feel fabulous! And who doesn't love that? Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can't treat yourself every once and awhile. There is no need to schedule a monthly pedi or foot massage. We have listed all of our favorite DIY at home upkeeps that we love!

Foot Scrubs and Soaks

Every girl deserves a glamorous foot scrub or soak every once and awhile, right? The good news is they are easy to make and can enjoyed from the comfort of your own home! Many of the ingredients you may need you can find around the house or easily purchased from any local store. There is no need to go searching for hard to find items at stores you have never heard of you indulge in an amazing foot scrub. Plus you can tweak many of the ingredients to match your liking, which is a huge plus! Below we have listed some of our favorite scrubs and soaks we know you need to try!

Peppermint Sugar Foot Scrub


⅔ cup of white sugar

½ cup coconut oil

8-10 drops of peppermint essential oil

½ tsp. of dried herbs such as mint, lavender, chamomile (optional)

*If you don’t have dried herbs you can always use the contents of a tea bag.

How to Make:

Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature so it will require melting beforehand. Measure sugar into a jar or bowl, then pour melted coconut oil in. Add essential oil drops and stir well. Add in dried herbs for additional texture and for visual appeal. It’s as simple as that!


First, soak your feet in either a tub or small bucket with warm water to soften up your skin. After soaking your feet apply the scrub to feet and massage well to loosen rough dry skin. We promise after this scrub your feet will feel brand new!

Not only is this scrub super easy to make but you only need a handful of items to make it. This recipe is perfect for your feet but can also be used all over your body as well. The secret in this fabulous foot scrub is the peppermint essential oil. The peppermint has a stimulating and cooling effect on the skin that will perk up your tired feet. If you find yourself with foot or leg cramps, a massage with this scrub will feel absolutely terrific.

Lavender-Lemon Foot Soak


I cup of Epsom salt

1 ½ cups of sea salt

1 ½ cups of baking soda

15 drops of lavender essential oil

15 drops of lemon essential oil

½ tsp. of dried lavender or other herbs (optional)

*If you don’t have dried herbs you can always use the contents of a tea bag.

How To Make:

Combine all the dry ingredients in a jar or bowl and mix well. Once everything is mixed, add the drops of essential oil and stir them in. Adding dried lavender is totally optional! Adding the herbs will make the soak look organic and natural (which of course it would be without the lavender, too, but you get what we mean). And whala, your soak is made!


Simply add hot water to your tub or small bucket, enough to cover your ankles. Sprinkle about ½ a cup of your soak into the water and stir to help the soak dissolve. Once dissolved take your feet for a relaxing dip for about 15 min, while the water is still warm.

Don’t forget to take deep breaths and relax while soaking your feet. You will be amazed how the lavender and lemon scents melt away the stress and tension you may be feeling. Doing this soak as often as you can will not only benefit your feet but your overall happiness. Due to the mixture of the lavender(calming) and the lemon(uplifting) essential oils.  

Massages and Stretching

Massaging and stretching your feet daily is one of the easiest ways to keep your feet happy and healthy. Not only does it feel good but it will keep your feet from other problems as well. A few minutes of foot massage daily provides other benefits too, such as:

  • Improving blood circulation to your legs.
  • Helping you relax after a long, tiring day.
  • Promoting sound sleep.
  • Making your ankles strong and flexible.
  • Relieving pain and inflammation.
  • Reducing discomfort associated with burning feet sensation.

Tennis Ball Massage

Not everyone has someone who is willing to massage your feet or you yourself might not want to touch your feet after a long day. No Problem! This is the easiest way to massage your tired feet. Just rolling the ball under your feet for a few minutes will have your feet thanking you.

How To:

Place the tennis ball on the ground and roll it around the bottom of your foot for a few minutes. Use enough force so that you receive a deep enough massage. You might find that the massage is slightly sore or uncomfortable. If you find this painful, stop immediately. Always listen and do what is right for your body.You can also use the tennis ball to run up and down your calf muscles if you are experiencing tired or achy legs.

*If you don’t have a tennis ball you can always use a rolling pin you aren't using or for really tired achy feet a frozen water bottle.

Simple Foot Stretches

Stretching your feet doesn't have to be time-consuming or a set part of your day. The best part about stretching is it can be done at almost any part of your day. Watching TV, after a shower, before bed, chatting on the phone you can almost always find time to complete these few stretches.

How To:

  • Spread the toes, then scrunch the toes – repeat 10 times
  • Point the feet, then flex the feet – repeat 10 times
  • With your leg straight move your foot from side to side - repeat 10 times
  • Circle the feet outwards 5 rounds, then inwards 5 times

*Remeber to do all of these stretches slowly to really deepen the stretch for a more relaxed happy foot.


Pampering yourself is not a crime, treat yo’ self! Don’t forget to share all the ways you like to make your feet happy.

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The Fall Trends of 2016 Every Girl Needs to Know

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As always,  Fashion Week comes to end and the years biggest fall trends come out of the woodworks. With some reoccurring from years past, and handful of trends are taking a turn for the better. This Fall is all about being different and standing out in your own unique way. Fashion week has inspired countless styles for any type of look whether that be feminine and soft or chic and street, you name it there is a look for you. We came up with some of our favorite looks trending this Fall. If you are looking to refresh your style this Fall these looks won't break your bank! Who doesn't love that? 

Velvet Fall 2016 Trends

(Pictured: SOL01 $10.88, HIGHNESS $10.88)


From years past velvet has been thought of as stuffy or outdated, but surprisingly it was all over the runway this season. Gorgeous velvet shoes, bags, and clothing items filled the runways inspiring everyone! These velvet picks are a simple way to give any Fall look a warm and luxurious vibe.

Puff/ Fur Fall 2016 Trends

(Pictured: TEDDY $10.88, KIOLA $10.88)


Fluffy fur accessories really made a strong impression on this season's runways. Showing off in various forms caught the eye of many. Adding anything fluffy to your look will instantly make it on trend.

Military Fall 2016 Trends

(Pictured: OLIVE36 $13.88, NEELA $20.88)


Most season trends seem to be fads, but the military look always seems to be on the radar every year. From the runway to street style fashionistas can’t get enough, and we are right there with them! Military pieces like a combat boot are amazing for the transition months of fall. You will never go wrong pairing with a cute dress or skinny jeans!

Browns Fall 2016 Trends

(Pictured: GELATO01 $10.88, EVA1 $12.88)


Brown, wheat, tan, cognac, and  camel are rapidly becoming the "It" shade of the season! Rather than opting for your traditional black Fall staples, pick up your favorite styles in one of these colors instead. In doing so, not only will you look fashion forward but you will stand out in the best way possible. Athleisure Fall 2016 Trends

(Pictured: BERNIE $10.88, RUNNER02 $10.88)


With athleisure taking over the fashion world, it's not much of a surprise we saw a lot of it on this seasons runway. Not only did it take over the runway many of our fav. celebs LOVE this look! To nail this look think less prep and more street. Add a sneaker instead of a flat or even throw on a baseball cap! It seems too good to be true, but making these slight changes will transform any look to a trendy athleisure look.

BOHO Fall 2016 Trends

(Pictured: ADALIZ3 $15.88, MAX2 $26.88)


This is one trend we are really excited to see emerging this fall! The runway was filled with oversized maxis with different accessories and boots! This trend is so easy pull off. You can pair your favorite maxi with a leather jacket or knee high boots. Or you can pair your everyday wear with a boho chic chunky necklace. The possibilities are endless with this fall trend.

Don’t forget to share your favorite Fall trends with us! We would love to see what is catching your eye this fall. #wfsstyle #wfsfashion #wfsfall #wholesalefashionshoes


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How To: Make Heels More Comfortable

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A girl has to love her heels. The instant leg lengthening and boost of confidence when you walk is the reason why they are so addicting. Step into those heels and bam! - you feel like a model ready for the runway. Although, this does come with a price. Whether they be 3 inches, 4 inches or even 7 inches - they are not always the most comfortable type of shoe. It is hard to go a full day walking in 5 inch heels, even if they are absolutely gorgeous. What some women may not know is that there are easy and simple solutions to making any heel more comfortable. With these simple tips and tricks, you will finally be able to wear those stilettos all day long!



Some heels of any height won't be comfortable right out of the box. In their brand new state, they may feel a little stiff and hard on your feet. A good trick is to buy heels ahead of time (for example - a week before an event) and wear them around the house or somewhere you feel comfortable breaking them in. Maybe even do a little cleaning or chores around the house in them. You don't even have to get them dirty if you are walking on a clean surface and they will still look brand new for your event! This will help you practice they way you walk in them, and make them less stiff from practice wear. 

This woman even does her cooking in heels



Heel insoles are an inexpensive, easy and quick fix that can greatly improve the comfort of your heels. 



These insoles typically come with an adhesive backing and sticks directly inside your heel where the ball of foot rests in the shoe. They absorb shock from the impact of your heel to the ground due to the foam/gel material the cushion is made with. They also help with foot perspiration/sweatiness by absorbing heat, and provide added metatarsal comfort that keeps the foot from sliding forward. Gel and plastic insoles may promote foot sweat, so going with a foam smooth fabric version is a better choice. 




These insoles also typically come with an adhesive backing and sticks directly inside where the back of your ankle meets the back of the shoe. This is often a common area where the rubbing of your skin against the shoe causes blistering, pain and discomfort. These grips not only work great in heels, but you can also use these in uncomfortable flats, men's shoes and kid's shoes. These are typically made with a soft material that grips against your skin to prevent excessive rubbing, and contours to your foot to prevent your heel from slipping. These also make it easier to walk in heels and maintain your balance due to the gripping texture. 



These grips also typically come with an adhesive backing that sticks directly onto the bottom of your heel's sole. These can also be used on flats that are too slick and slippery on the bottom. These help the sole of your heels really grip into the ground rather than slip and slide on a smooth surface. 





Walking around in skyscraper stilettos is a workout for your legs! It's always a great idea to stretch out your calves and hamstrings. You can also rotate your ankles around in different directions to prepare. Walking around in a tip toe motion (like you're wearing invisible heels) while getting ready is an easy and simple exercise that will prepare your muscles for what's to come. 



There are many women who may not know that all shoe manufacturers are different and not all shoes are made the exact same size. You may be a 7 in one brand of shoes, and you may be a 7.5 in another brand due to the slight difference in brand sizing. When buying heels, make sure that they fit comfortably - not too tight and not too big. Don't only try on your size - try on a couple different sizes close to yours as well. Too tight shoes are such a pain and will rub your skin raw all day. When in doubt, go a size bigger. You can always put insoles into your heels for a better fit, and it is better to have a little wiggle room versus being way too tight. 


TIP#5 Platformed, Caged, Ankle Strapped and Chunky Heels Are Your Friend

If you commonly experience heel discomfort or have trouble with your feet lifting and sliding out of your heels, these 3 styles are perfect for you! 




Platform heels flatten out your foot more and reduce the high arch a 4-5 inch heel can make. A 2 inch platform on a 5 inch shoe is almost like walking on a 3 inch heel, that gives the appearance of a 5 inch heel . This type of heel helps you to not walk on your toes all night, and provides a bit of comfort for high heel wearers. 

 RAVISH33 BLACK MARY JANE MESH HEEL - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1

RAVISH33 $10.88



Have you ever worn a pair of heels to find your foot slipping and sliding or even lifting out of the shoe as your walk? This problem is a thing of the past with the rising trend of caged and ankle strap heels. The tighter and more secure fit really helps keep your foot in place, and helps you to feel more secured and balanced in your heels. These styles are also often adjustable and you can tighten the shoe to really fit to your foot shape. 

 KINAJLL2 BLACK  STUDDED LACE UP CAGE HEEL - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1

KINAJLL2 $10.88



Many people may not know, the skinnier the stiletto, the more painful and unstable it is. The reason a block/chunky heel is more comfortable is because you have more stability and are able to maintain your balance because you have something that is thicker and won't wobble under the weight of your foot. The wider surface supports the back of your heel much better and provides a more stable comfortable fit. 



JOYCE3A $10.88


We hope you enjoyed this post and we hope we have been helpful in sharing these tips and tricks to make heels more comfortable. 

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The Best Places to Travel in Spring (And What Shoes to Bring With You!)

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At Wholesale Fashion Shoes, Spring is one of our favorite seasons. Flowers are blooming, the grass is greener and the birds carry out their morning symphonies. We love how spring brings out heels in fun floral prints, espadrille soles, and pastel wedges! Spring style is so fresh, bright and fun - and that's exactly how we want you to feel in our shoes when taking them along with you on a Spring vacation! Today we wanted to showcase some of the best places to visit in the springtime, and how Wholesale Fashion Shoes can make your visit a stylish one!



"Why go: The late spring ushers in Bali's dry season, so you can expect warm daytime temperatures and very little (if any) precipitation. You'll be able to soak up the sun's rays as you enjoy hiking, water sports activities and the beach." Sandals, wedges and other beach ready footwear is perfect for Bali and it's hot and dry weather. Jelly sandals are even better for the beach.   (travel.usnews.com)



What Shoes Should I Bring to Bali? 



 SKIMM36 SANDAL $10.88

CALEB13 SEAFOAM RIBBON ANKLE SANDAL - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1








"Why go: Springtime in Paris is cliché for a reason. Sure, T-shirt weather hasn't quite arrived, but the city slowly awakens from its winter slumber. Once again, the booksellers return to their displays along the Seine, streets fill with local markets and cafe patios open so that visitors can enjoy coffee and croissants outside. Temperatures usually span the 40 to 60 degree range, and afternoon rains are a bit more frequent."  The best kind of shoes to wear to Paris in Spring would be a good pair of rain boots and comfortable sneakers for a lot of walking. (travel.usnews.com)


What Shoes Should I Bring to Paris? 

CLARA30 BLACK QUILTED RAIN BOOT - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1

 CLARA30 BOOT $20.88


MEL03 FUCHSIA TRAINER SNEAKER FLAT - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1

 MEL03 SNEAKER $10.88




DESTINATION #3 Rio de Janiero

"Why go: Most Carnival crowds will have come and gone by April, and thanks to pleasant weather, hiking through Tijuca National Park and strolling Santa Teresa's charming cobblestone streets become even more appealing." Brazil is notorious for being hot and humid. Strappy sandals and comforable espadrilles are the perfect shoes to take with you.  (travel.usnews.com)



What Shoes Should I Bring to Rio? 









HARTLEY06 RED BUCKLE CORK SANDAL - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1





At Wholesale Fashion Shoes, we also carry stylish duffle bags at a very low price!

 NAYARA BEIGE WOMEN'S HANDBAG - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 3               NATALIA DARK GREY WOMEN'S HANDBAG - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1    






SOURCES: http://travel.usnews.com/Rankings/Best_Spring_Vacations/



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Yisney Terrero for Wholesale Fashion Shoes

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Here at Wholesale Fashion Shoes, we are always working with bloggers and models who are highly influential in the fashion world. Today we want to showcase Model, Blogger and self-acclaimed fashion addict Yisney Terrero. 




Yisney Terrero modeling our "Yessica" heel in black 







Yisney Terrero modeling our "Stefania" gladiator boot in tan


 For more on Yisney Terrero, you can check out her blog and social media pages:


Twitter social outlined logo Free Icon  Youtube symbol Free Icon    Instagram social outlined logo Free Icon      Facebook square logo Free Icon


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Snatch the Designer Look for Less

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As many of our blog readers may know, at Wholesale Fashion Shoes we are always trying to come out with styles that are upcoming and hot on the trend. We have many designer inspired heels that are a fraction of the price compared to the designer version hundreds or even thousands more. In this blog post, we want to showcase some designer dupes that give you the same look for much less. 


Achieve the same look with: 

DIONNE3 HEEL $10.88 



Achieve the same look with: 

AVENO25 SANDAL $10.88 



Achieve the same look with: 

HANNA HEEL $10.88 



Achieve the same look with: 

GRAMMY71 HEEL $10.88 


 We hope you enjoyed this blog post, and we have many designer dupes to come. Don't forget to sign up for our e-mail newsletter that comes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so you can be the first to know of any new styles we come out with on the site. The newsletter sign up is located on the bottom of the page. 

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Valentine's Day Style Inspiration

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, many of us women still struggle to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. Whether it's looking festive in a casual v-day themed outfit for the office or transforming into a sexy vixen for the nightlife, we've got you covered! Here at Wholesale Fashion Shoes we have a shoe for every single style or look you're trying to achieve. Here are a few style examples featuring some of our favorite Valentine's day appropriate heels and boots!




This pink filled look is perfect for someone in school or someone who has more of a casual style. Simply pairing a pink sweater with pink flats creates a look that is sweet, romantic, and valentine's day appropriate. You can even add more pops of pink by accessorizing. By simply tying a pink scarf around your purse, you can instantly make a plain purse festive and Valentine's Day themed. If you want to give your outfit that extra statement piece that makes you standout, the addition of a statement necklace can make a world of a difference and take your look to the next level. 


Items Featured in Look:





Handbag lh035gy01 10 grande Vintage crystal flower sttaement necklace 2 2 grande
                                                                        KALA3 FLAT $10.88                                                       OLIVEB BAG $19.88    VINTAGE CRYSTAL FLOWER STATEMENT NECKLACE $16.88



This blush toned look is perfect for the office professional who doesn't want to go all out in pink and red.  By utilizing a muted blush tone, you can achieve a festive look in a toned down style. The addition of gold accented accesories and booties also adds to the luxe professional vibe of this structured outfit. 


Items Featured in Look:





           BESSY24 BOOT $13.88    



This look has a chic edge that is perfect for someone who doesn't have a girly and romantic style, but still wants to look festive with pink and blush colors. You don't have to wear a super girly and romantic look to be on theme! By pairing an oversized blazer with a casual v-neck, you still get a edgy high fashion look but in a more casual, wearable way. Leather pants always add an edgy rocker vibe and contrasts with the blush blazer. To give this outfit the pop it needs, it is finished off with silver loafers and a chic tasseled snakeskin bracelet to complete the look. 


Items Featured in Look:


Handbag 52791 black01 grande




This deep red work appropriate look is perfect for the office cutie who doesn't need to show a lot of skin and still be sexy. The grey midi skirt paired with a tucked in red sweater shows off all of those curves without the skin. Pair it with a luxurious fur coat to keep this look luxe and professional. Finish it off with a cherry red patent bucket bag and simple d'orsay heels for a sleek and sexy office look. 



Items Featured in Look:


 MAYFAIR05 HEEL $10.88   MARIANA HANDBAG $19.88                    




This sexy red hot look shows off all your curves in a sexy and sophisticated way. A red bandage mini skirt is always a great way to show off those legs, and creates a sophisticated hourglass look. The just over the knee cut is sexy without being too revealing, and the corset lace up top is the spotlight of this look and is the perfect combo, showing off cleavage in the front. This look is finished off by some sleek and strappy stiletto heels and and "gun" look wallet for that "fatale" finish. 


Items Featured in Look:



           JAINE'S GOT A GUN BLACK WOMEN'S HANDBAG CLUTCH - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1
    MIXI76 HEEL $10.88   JAINE'S GOT A GUN CLUTCH $12.88




This gorgeous and sexy look is fit for a Valentine's Vixen. You'll be breaking hearts everywhere in a full lace top and bodycon skirt with lace sides. Lace is something that is so romantic and sexy you'll get all the attention! This "Love Manual" clutch shows you're a Valentine's expert. Paired with simple gold earrings, you can really bring all the attention to your heels. These sexy chained heels finish off the look in a deep burgundy red color. 


Items Featured in Look:


AVIANA WINE CHAIN POINTED TOE HEEL - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1

           LOVE MANUAL RED  HEARTS BOOK WOMEN'S CLUTCH  HANDBAG - Wholesale Fashion Shoes - 1


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Celebrity Inspired Get the Look for Less

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Here at Wholesale Fashion Shoes, we are always striving to keep up with the latest trends and hottest styles. We love to see what celebrities are wearing on and off the red carpet and how we can replicate that look for our customers. In this post, we wanted to share some celebrity inspired looks featuring our shoes, that you can take inspiration from and create with pieces from your own wardrobe. Shopping on a budget doesn't mean you have to compromise style!

In this first celebrity inspired look inspired by Fifth Harmony starlet, Leigh Anne Pinnock, she utilizes a bright pop of mustard combined with a neutral vest to really make her outfit pop. She makes the look more casual and wearable and balances out the long structured vest with distressed jeans. She polishes off the entire look with classic black pointed toe heels. 

Achieve the same look with: 

OZZY HEEL $10.88 



This second celebrity look is inspired by beautiful model Lily Aldridge. We are in love with this edgy and effortlessly stylish airport look she has put together. The camo jacket and white tank gives off an edgy thrown together look, and the polished belted black jeans gives the look more shape and structure. She finishes off the look with a pair of grey booties, which complements the color scheme of the whole look very well.

Achieve the same look with: 

MOSH1 BOOT $13.88


In this third celebrity inspired look inspired by Taylor Swift, she utilizes colorblocking in fall colors. She makes the equestrian look more fun and wearable. She completes the look with a pair of dark burgundy boots.

Achieve the same look with: 




In this last celebrity inspired look inspired by model Cara Delevinge, she goes for an edgy look with her embroidered bomber jacket. She turns up the edge with leather pants and chain detailed booties. 

Achieve the same look with: 








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Introducing: Wholesale Fashion Shoes YouTube Channel

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Today we wanted to introduce our blog readers to our YouTube channel. We will be updating frequently with fashion, lifestyle and DIY videos. Our goal is to provide our customers a better look at our shoes and accessories and how to style them as well. To stay updated with our YouTube channel, please take a moment to go to our page and Subscribe. This way, you will be notified every time a new video comes out and can be the first to get a look at our most exclusive styles.


Click Below To Visit:

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NEW online store!

http://www.visitorsdetails.com Directory World

Announcing the launch of our NEW online store! Check out our new inventory, photography and all new shopping features. 

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